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Liceo Classico–Scientifico Ariosto–Spallanzani is a high school located in Reggio Emilia, whose main focus is academic preparation for students aiming at university studies.

The long name accounts for the school history: The Liceo Classico–Scientifico Ariosto–Spallanzani merged the two oldest grammar schools in the city: Liceo Classico Ariosto and Liceo Scientifico Spallanzani, in school year 1997/98.  The present Liceo, with its common management and  good endowment of premises and equipment, is in a position to offer excellent educational opportunities open to innovation, both highlighting the cultural peculiarities of the two sections in which it is articulated, and sharing knowledge and tools.The school is equipped with modern laboratories for science, art and computer studies, and a well-stocked library open to students for individual study and group activities.


The Liceo Classico–Scientifico Ariosto–Spallanzani aims at  a global education: by approaching subjects related to humanities and sciences, students learn about Nature, Man, the history and culture of mankind.

We intend to offer equal opportunities to all learners and the possibility to develop a cultural preparation that matches both the individual and the social requirements.

The following educational objectives are to be pursued in all school activities:

-awareness of the values of respect, self-control and lawfulness

-education to critical thinking, freedom, creativity

-willingness for dialogue between different opinions, models, contexts to promote cooperation, tolerance and human rights

-attitude towards enhancing the Italian cultural tradition in view of an intercultural and European dimension.


The teaching staff is composed of 92 teachers, and we have 1115 students at present. The socio-economic context of the students’ background has recently widened and become more adherent to the variety and complexity of modern Italian society.  They may reside in the city centre, but also in the neighbouring towns and even in the small towns of the mountain area.

Students are generally highly motivated and very keen on taking advantage of the learning experience offered by the school. The starting level in their background is generally quite good and remains such along the five curricular years until the final exam (esame di stato), the average mark being 87/100. The favourite university choices for our students are Medicine, Engineering, Business, Law, Chemistry, Biology.


There are two main curricula in the Liceo:

  • Classical studies, which involve subjects like Latin, Ancient Greek, History, Philosophy, emphasizing literary analysis both in Italian and foreign language texts.
  • Scientific studies, markedly in Mathematics and Physics with a thorough competence in Natural Sciences, also including subjects like Philosophy, Art, Latin and Italian Literature.

English as foreign language is mandatory for all students; however they can also choose to include a second foreign language, German or French, in their curriculum. Other options for flexible studies feature ICT, and advanced Art History or Maths.


Classes normally run in the morning from 07.50 to 12.50, but the school premises are open in the afternoon for extra-curricular activities, students support and special projects offered by the teaching staff. Such projects contribute to the learners’ cultural growth by means of informal education and learning about the territory. They include:

  • sports club
  • drama and acting
  • music
  • general health  and first aid
  • competitions in classical languages
  • Olympics for Math, Physics, IT
  • language certifications with Cambridge Exams, Goethe Institute, Alliance Francaise
  • Science and Chemistry labs in view of the standardised tests for access to university
  • training as art mentors and public speaking
  • ECDL and ICT
  • volunteering
  • TED.ED club


Other educational activities for all students include:

  • school trips and field trips related to specific subjects
  • orienteering to higher education
  • working internship
  • school exchanges

Though being founded on academic studies, in the past few years our school has opened up to an international context, in harmony with the European vocation of the Regione Emilia Romagna and in particular of the city of Reggio Emilia, whose economy is strictly bound to foreign relations and where the local administration has always been outstanding for its close connections and twinning with some other European and non-European cities. We then deem it a priority to give a positive European turn to our educational offer.

Among our remarkable experiences in this field there have been exchanges with Austrian and Australian schools, Student exchanges through international agencies, Erasmus projects for intern students like MOVET.

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