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On April 26 our second public TED event took place in the Aula multimediale of the via Franchetti seat.  A valiant group of fifteen students from both Liceo classico and Liceo scientifico performed  in front of an enthusiastic audience; the chosen theme “The Alphabet of the Future” inspired five topical talks given by as many hyper-motivated talkers.


The issues developed were: “Alone, together” (Communicating via Augmented Reality), “Conformity” (How to stick to our traditions while heading into the future) “A social network of ideas” (Social media can also be used to spread culture, wow!),  “DNA” (Modifying Nature’s alphabet), “World by word” (What is the language of the future going to be?). Everybody had been working hard for months, to develop original ideas and to give well-structured public speeches in English, both fundamental skills in the present world. Thanks to everybody:


Arianna Bellezza, Beatrice Gozzi,Francesco Azzolini, Sofia Bruschi, Davide Levrini, Dario Medici, Francesco Braglia, Beatrice Casoni, Gianluca Ghinazzi, Francesca Lusetti, Giovanni Zotti, Dimitri Corradini, Giulia Rota, Jacopo Riccò, Elisabetta Sartori, Donatella Bartoli, and the filmmakers!